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Spotify Actually Has A Limit On How Many Songs You Can But Spotify is defending its decision to uphold this limit. In a well-documented thread in its support forums that started way back in 2014, here’s Spotify’s official response: “At the moment we don’t have plans to extend the Your Music limit. The reason is because less than 1% of users reach it. Solved: 5 song limit on spotify free? - The Spotify Community Unlimited Free: The new account without any limitations for first 6 months. So if you need free music, just create a "Fake Facebook Account" and register for Spotify Free. Do this twice in year and you can listen Free music 24/7! But if you like music or Spotify, why not to subscribe to Spotify Unlimited or Premium. 🙂 Spotify says I reached listening limit of 15 hours - The


Spotify says I reached listening limit of 15 hours - The I moved to Japan about a month ago and also had to change my region, so I guess the 15 hours limit is dependent on the region you're staying. I think Spotify might be somewhat like Netflix in this regard, as they don't offer the same service in each country because of licensing issues.

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Sep 12, 2018 · Spotify is improving of one of its most annoying, arbitrary limits. The music streaming app has increased the cap for maximum number of offline downloads to 10,000 songs per device; that’s up Apr 16, 2020 · Spotify is one of the most welcomed streaming music services around the world. It offers two options for users to enjoy music, including Spotify Free and Premium.. The free tier service lets you stream all music from any categories online.