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Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access to start the Routing and Remote Access Server Setup Wizard. Click Next to continue. Click Remote access (dial-up or VPN) to turn on remote computers to dial in or connect to this network through the Internet. Click Next to continue.

Go to Setup > Basic Setup Connection type: PPTP. Gateway (PPTP Server): hostname of VPN node, such as Username: your VPN username. Password: your VPN password. use DHCP: yes or no - this is how your WAN IP address is assigned to the router. In … How to split tunnel VPN traffic on Windows, MacOS, DD-WRT Jul 26, 2017

29/04/2019 · is a Romania-based VPN service that provides users with advanced encryption, very secure apps, and excellent performance. Their network consists entirely of dedicated bare-metal servers with self-hosted DNS and gigabit bandwidth channels. also provides you with unique encryption protocols, double-hop server configurations, and secure proxy browser extensions. The one main

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