For more information about the DIR command, see Chapter 2, Using Common DOS Commands, in the downloadable book DOS the Easy Way. When you use the DIR command, it will display all files that match the path and filename specifications, along with their size in bytes and the time and date of their last modification.

DIR - Display information about files & subdirectories 2020-5-9 · DIR will display the alternate, short file names for files with long file names if you use the /X option. Used alone, /X causes DIR to display names in 2 columns after the size, time, and date: one column for alternate or short file names and the other for long file names. If a file does not have a short or alternate name which is different Parameters — Click Documentation (7.x) 2020-6-23 · Parameters. exists – if set to true, the file or directory needs to exist for this value to be valid. If this is not required and a file does indeed not exist, then all further checks are silently skipped. file_okay – controls if a file is a possible value.. dir_okay – controls if a directory is a possible value.. writable – if true, a writable check is performed. DB2 configuration parameters - IBM 2020-7-20 · For tuning DB2 buffer pools, you can use the DB2 utility, DB2 AUTOCONFIGURE.This DB2 utility calculates and provides the values for the DB2 buffer pools, database configuration, and database manager configuration parameters. For example, if you specify NONE with DB2 AUTOCONFIGURE, the utility returns the values that are required to be modified in the configuration but does not apply them. Predefined Build Parameters - Help | TeamCity

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2020-5-19 · --src

¶ Directory to check out editable projects into. The default in a virtualenv is “/src”. The default for global installs is “/src”.-U, --upgrade¶ Upgrade all specified packages to the newest available version. The handling of … PHP: dir - Manual

rmdir dir/subdir dir. Remove the directory dir/subdir if it is empty. Then, remove directory dir, if it is empty after dir/subdir was removed. rmdir -p dir/subdir. Same as the above command. rmdir attempts to remove dir/subdir, then attempts to remove dir. Related commands. mkdir — Create a directory. rm — Delete files.

2019-9-5 · Ant Description. Runs Apache Ant on a supplied buildfile. This can be used to build subprojects. This task must not be used outside of a target if it invokes the same build file it is part of.. When the antfile attribute is omitted, the file build.xml in the supplied directory (dir attribute) is used.. If no target attribute is supplied, the default target of the new project is used.