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TCP vs. UDP (What's the Difference?) | CactusVPN TCP vs. UDP Speeds with OpenVPN. How big is the difference? Well, we ran a test with Speedtest.net. For reference, we are from Romania, and our original ISP speeds are around 100 Mbps. So we used the CactusVPN Romanian VPN server to make sure the distance between us and the server doesn’t affect the results too much. networking - TCP or UDP for a multiplayer game? - Software This is a question I see a lot. Most people say UDP is always better for real-time games than TCP. My understanding is that TCP tries to re-send packets over and over til the other side gets them whereas UDP doesn't care. Most of the things I've read is that UDP is a must for any realtime game and TCP is terrible. Difference Between TCP and UDP | Difference Between Aug 04, 2009

UDP In UDP client is like TCP only but with less reliability and better speed. More or less. Larger messages are fragmented into bite-sized packets by UDP and TCP. TCP guarantees that all packets arrive and are in correct order, otherwise nothing is received. This can take some time and a few retries. UDP doesn't care.

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Fifth example: UDP vs TCP with a Congested Network. At your client companies, the network is used for a variety of reasons (large transfer, numbers of emails, multiple calls and presentations at the same time, YouTube, etc.) so that the available bandwidth is often not the maximum possible.

Does SSH use TCP or UDP? - Quora SSH uses a TCP port when you connect to it. TCP is a much more reliable connection than UDP because it goes through a 3 way handshake known as SYN SYN-ACK ACK which synchronizes and acknowledges your connection, thus guaranteeing delivery. It is a New – UDP Load Balancing for Network Load Balancer | AWS Jun 24, 2019 TCP vs UDP | What are they and which should you use Nov 28, 2018 UDP vs. TCP | Gaffer On Games