RDP doesn't care about bandwidth on how the user is experiencing. But PCoIP cares about the speed, if there is a high bandwidth, it display the terminal with hiqh quality; if there is a low quality bandwidth, the termial quality will be adjusted accordingly.

Apr 01, 2019 Bandwidth/data Usage for Remote Desktop - LogMeIn Community I realise that exact data throughput would be difficult to provide as it depends on many factors but surely you can provide typical data usage profiles for accessing a Windows desktop, running typical Office applications over a period of an hour. Thinking about Virtualization and VDI Bandwidth Requirements It makes best use of this level of bandwidth to deliver 60fps across quad-monitors, but requires custom hardware on the host and a special kind of client – a desktop/laptop or stock thinclient won’t do.┬áOn the other hand, RDP works with a broad range of thinclients, functions effectively over wide area networks and allows for the

5 Ways to Reduce Bandwidth Usage on Your Networks

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You can see here that the RDP bandwidth on the Task Worker profile doesn’t really peak above 1.5 MBps during the workload. Most modern internet connections would handle this scale of demand without too much of an issue. Average Bandwidth across the test was 0.07MBps. ICA – LoginVSI Task Worker

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