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Mar 30, 2020 · Once again, be sure to replace sammy with the username you’d like to give sudo priveleges to. By default, on CentOS, all members of the wheel group have full sudo access. Step 4 — Testing sudo Access. To test that the new sudo permissions are working, first use the su command to switch from the root user to the new user account: su - sammy In the case of CentOS, all the users in the group have the ability of running “sudo” commands and that’s the easier and safer way. This is also proven within the “/etc/sudoers” file – Optional – creating a new user. I’m going to create a new user for the “sudo” purpose only. Don’t worry; you can easily add the existing user. On all Linux distributions that belongs to the RHEL family, only users in the wheel system group can run a command with sudo. So, next, add the new user tecmint to the wheel group using the usermod command. Here, the -a flag means to append user to a supplementary group and -G specifies the group. # usermod -aG wheel tecmint Deleting a sudo user with visudo. If you removed a sudo user on CentOS 8, it is very likely that your user still exists in the sudoers file. To delete a user from the sudoers file, run visudo. $ sudo visudo. Find the line corresponding to the user you just deleted, and remove this line. ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL RHEL 8 / CentOS 8 create a new sudo user step by step instructions In this section we will be creating a new sudo user account. Gain root command line access: $ su Use the useradd command to create a new user eg. foobar and add user to the wheel group. # useradd -G wheel foobar Set password to new foobar: # passwd foobar

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