Jan 15, 2018

How Do You Get Trojan Horse Virus Infect A Computer? A Trojan horse virus pretends to be a legitimate program. In that case, a Trojan horse virus can take the form of a free gaming software. Sharing illegal game downloads through peer-to-peer networks is a sure way to get a Trojan horse virus as it exploits your desire to get a licensed game for free… What Can Trojan Virus do to Your PC and How to Remove it? Jun 30, 2020 Download Virus Sample on Your PC for Free to Test Antivirus Jul 07, 2017 Free Antivirus Cleaner 2020 | Download Free Virus Cleaner App

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Downloading cracked applications. Promises of an illegal free copy of a piece of software can be enticing, but the cracked software or activation key generator may conceal a Trojan attack. Downloading unknown free programs. What looks like a free game or screensaver could really be a Trojan, especially if you find it on an untrustworthy site.

Jan 22, 2010