26 Home Security Tips for Seniors. Home security is important for everyone, but especially seniors. Elderly home owners can be especially vulnerable to burglaries and attacks at home, as they may be seen as easy prey and targeted for victimization.

Home Safety Tips for Seniors Who Live Alone | Wayne Alarm Dec 20, 2018 Four UV Safety Tips to Keep Seniors Healthy in the Sun If you are a senior and aren’t in the habit of protecting yourself from the sun, here are four UV safety tips to keep you healthy in the sun this summer. Visiting Angels Southlake, TX 817-684-1996 4 Medication Safety Tips for Older Adults | FDA Read on for important safety tips. 1. Take Medicine as Prescribed—with Input from Your Health Care Provider. Take your medicine regularly and according to your health care provider’s instructions.

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100 Senior Safety Tips for the Elderly | Start of Care Blog 100 Senior Safety Tips for the Elderly Learn simple, practical and effective safety measures to keep seniors protected, healthy and independent With more than 26% of Americans 65 years or older living alone, keeping the elderly safe has become an important concern for families and caregivers alike. Being aware of potential dangers means that we Safety | Senior Safety | Home Safety Review | Safety Tips 50 Safety Tips For Seniors Simple steps to increase safety at home and away from home. A recent study conducted for the National Institute of Aging found that about 22 percent of elderly Americans age 71 and older—about 5.4 million people—are already experiencing …

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7 Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors | Long Baths Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors 1. Replace the Bathtub with a Shower. Having a bathtub might be a luxury for some of us, but for seniors, it presents a bit of an obstacle. Tubs are much harder to get in and out of, shower in, and clean, which only increases the risk of falls for seniors. 7 Home Safety Tips for Seniors Jan 11, 2017 Summer Safety Tips for Seniors - NorthCrest Health Summer Safety Tips for Seniors. Summer is here, which means so is the humidity, heat and high UV index. As the weather gets more intense, so do the risks of heat-related health issues for seniors citizens. For issues like dehydration, heat exhaustion or even heat stroke, seniors are especially susceptible in the summer months, which is why it