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Acrylic block windows create an attractive and private solution for any area of the home. Architecture-grade materials provide exceptional strength and durability for years to come. Pacific Entries 38 in. x 84 in. Black Metal 6-Lite Barn Door with Tempered Sandblasted Glass, Black Top Mounted Hardware Kit and Handle Model# M1506-3884-40 (1) Pravicy White PDLC Smart Tint Film Self-Adhesive Switchable Glass Vinyl Smart Film Electric Smart glassTint Vinyl for Home Office Pravicy Protection,7.87Inch X 7.87Inch Decorative or privacy glass is an excellent solution for windows and doors in spaces that need a little extra style or privacy. Innotech offers 10 different privacy glass options with varying degrees of transparency, textures and light transmittance. A privacy glass is placed by the factory that manufactures your automobile, or by the factory that you specifically contract to make privacy glass windows for your car. Generally, the privacy glass is used on a car's back windows. In some instances, cars have privacy glass shading on the upper region of the windshield glass to protect your eyes from the sun when you drive. Switchable LC Privacy Glass powered exclusively with eGlass ® brand technology features electrically activated, switchable glazing technology that instantly changes from transparent to frosted white — creating 100% privacy on-demand with just the touch of a button, or by mobile device, or voice command.

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Andersen offers several glass performance options to suit a variety of needs. Use the chart below to choose the one that works best for you. We also offer glass options for coastal applications, as well as a variety of patterned glass options.

2 days ago · Tinted Glass. Tinted door and window glass provides additional shading from direct sunlight and warm conditions. It also provides privacy by reducing visible light transmittance to the outside. There are various tints available through Milgard to achieve the …

SUPER SMART PRIVACY GLASS - Inhabitat For more in-depth information on privacy glass, check out HowStuffWork’s article on Smart Windows > According to the above article, this smart glass technology could potentially save billions of Window in Your Shower? 7 Ways to Maintain Privacy in the Frosted glass has an appealing pitted effect on one side that increases privacy by blurring any images viewed through the window. Choose from the DIY window frosting methods below, depending on Cheap Glass Window. Wholesale Glass Window. Glass … Glass Window Sale. We are proud to provide quality Glass Window products at discount prices from Ebay.