"DNS request timed out. timeout was 2 seconds." Did you also configure your local DNS server as ? It's not sufficient to just start the dnscrypt-proxy, you must also change the active network DNS settings to transmit to the address the dnscrypt-proxy is listening too!

Oct 22, 2008 DNS - NSlookup 'DNS Reqest timed out' for 2 sec with FQDN Oct 01, 2010 nslookup FQDN fail Solutions | Experts Exchange When i run nslookup FQDN, i get DNS request timed out but when i run nslookup hostname then no problem. i already checked and the reverse DNS is exist in my AD. do you know why this happen? c:\>nslookup dc01.abc.com Server: dc01.abc.com Address: DNS request timed out. timeout was 2 seconds. Name: dc01.abc.com Address: nslookup DNS timedout - Microsoft® Community

You need to contact the DNS administrators for this hostname to find out what the problem us. Are anyone else having the same issue with Azure? How should I start troubleshooting? Here is some proof: C:\Windows\system32>nslookup oratorius.com Server: ad3.example.no Address: DNS request timed out. timeout was 2 seconds. DNS request

Check whether the DNS server is authoritative for the name that is being looked up. If so, see Checking for problems with authoritative data. Run the following command: nslookup For example: nslookup app1 If you get a failure or time-out response, see Checking for recursion problems. Nslookup always results in dns request timeout Solutions

Nslookup gives "DNS timed out" on with Simple

Oct 22, 2008 · EDIT: Solved. See top thread. Thanks all! So this is strange and I'm not even sure that it's breaking anything as my internet works fine on clients and the server but I can't do a successful nslookup on any of my clients without getting "DNS request timed out. timeout was 2 seconds.".