Jul 03, 2020 · Torrent Tracker are used to help finding the peers and making a direct connection to each other so that Peer to Peer Torrenting can take place.Torrent tracker list is useful for this case because you can give a list to the torrent client software and increase the download speed of uTorrent because the more tracker it has the more direct connections and the higher is the speed.

Jan 03, 2006 How To Make Your Torrent Download Speed 300% Faster? Install a Lightweight Torrent Client. To increase the torrent downloading speed, the very first step … Best Torrent Tracker List: uTorrent And BitTorrent Nov 17, 2018

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Public vs private trackers Public trackers. Public or open trackers can be used by anyone by adding the tracker address to an existing torrent, or they can be used by any newly created torrent, like OpenBitTorrent. The Pirate Bay operated one of the most popular public trackers until disabling it in 2009 due to legal trouble, and thereafter offered only magnet links.

A quick update for TV torrent fans. The past couple of months hasn’t exactly been a joyride for private TV torrent trackers in general. TVTorrentz.com shut down, BitMeTV had extended downtimes (now back online) and we didn’t see any notable new TV trackers pop up lately as well (in fact, no notable/stable new TV trackers since the birth of BTN). Corrupt-Net Shows You Which Torrent Trackers Get New Though most private BitTorrent trackers would like to pretend they are secret and elite, search engine Corrupt-Net makes it very easy to find out which ones are the quickest to get new torrent 8 Best Private Torrenting Sites: This is Where You Need an Apr 29, 2020