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Oct 12, 2018 Meet the activists fighting the Great Chinese Firewall Increasingly, people are searching for ways to circumvent the all-encompassing firewall. Johnson, May and Jamie fear that without intervention, internet censorship is set to increase. Authoritarianism vs. the Internet | Hoover Institution

Here Is Pirate Bay's Plan to Help You Circumvent Internet

In September, police detained Zhen Jianghua, activist and founder of a website that teaches people how to circumvent internet censorship, on suspicion of “inciting subversion.” In November, in

Best Free and Paid VPNs for UAE to circumvent censorship

Internet Censorship Circumvention Tools: Escaping the Control of the Syrian Regime. Studies have shown that authoritarian regimes tend to censor the media to limit potential threats to the status quo. While such censorship practices were traditionally aimed at broadcast and print media, the emergence of the Internet and social media in Russia Takes a Big Step Toward Internet Isolation | WIRED "But the internet censorship and overall situation in Russia clearly has a chilling effect. So it seems there is no urgent need for the government to make an isolated internet right now.