Earlier this month Battlefield 4 gamers were complaining that they were experiencing rubber banding within the game. Basically what this means is that there severe latency issues where players keep getting sent back to the original location, despite

'Battlefield 4' Problems: EA DICE Targets 'Netcode' In 'Battlefield 4' Problems: EA DICE Targets 'Netcode' In Recent Attempt To Repair Game EA DICE is targeting "rubber banding" and many other issues in "BF4." By Abigail Elise @theabigailelise BF4 Servers Undergo Hardware Improvements to Fix Lag and Apr 23, 2014 Battlefield 4 rubber-banding issue to be fixed, DICE Apr 02, 2014

Mar 10, 2018 · Battlefield 1 Rubberbanding Fix. It’s a common problem, not a problem in my end. Our Battlefield 1 server we rent crashed yesterday 4 times today 2 times and half of the players (30) experienced rubberbanding and packet loss there. I wasn’t playing that moment…. — UP-Community (@UP_Community) June 6, 2018

DICE VP Karl Magnus Troedsson announced that they have discovered the root of 'rubber banding' issues that have plagued Battlefield 4 since the release of the Naval Strike DLC. It appears the issue was being caused by the configuration of certain server hardware types dedicated to 64 player matches.

Serious rubber banding, windows 10. - Microsoft® Community

Apr 25, 2014 Serious rubber banding, windows 10. - Microsoft® Community Jul 30, 2017 Battlefield 4 experiencing "rubber-banding" issues, DICE Battlefield 4's post-launch issues are, I think, just a few months from being officially recognised as a "saga". Soon, bards will write songs about DICE's efforts to squash bugs and tighten DICE to Fix Battlefield 4 Rubber-Banding Issue “SOON Jan 24, 2019