short answer: yes. long answer: the only restriction is that you can only attune to 3 magic items at once (unless you are a high level artificer). I would, if you really want defense, wear 2 rings and a cloak. it doesn’t make sense to wear 2 cloak

5e Magic Item Prices - Rarity Character Level Bonus Value; Common: 1st or higher-50-100 gp: Uncommon: 1st or higher-101-500 gp: Rare: 5th or higher +1: 501 -5,000 gp: Very rare: 11th or higher Cleric: Protection Domain - DND 5th Edition Cleric: Protection Domain The protection domain is the purview of deities who charge their followers to shield the weak from the strong. The gods’ faithful dwell in villages and towns on the borderlands, where they help bolster defenses and seek out evils to defeat.

Cloak of Resistance – d20PFSRD

Can you wear both a ring of protection and cloak of

You gain a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws while you wear this cloak.

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